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Sept 21

Tom Ganz Death Notice Updated

Sept 17

Non-Uniformed CHP Employee Passed Away

Sept 15

Son of CHP non-uniformed employees, and relative of uniformed CHP members passed away

Sept 15

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Sept 15

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 Marin Squad, 1933, SF Golden Gate Park

Submitted by Rich Simmons

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Special Request from CHP Retiree, John Shoffner, ID 10608

Send a message to John:  john10608[email protected]

Odd question,  but I am looking for one of the old state ink pens we used to use.  I have one of the old mechanical pencils.  The offices had them.  They were grey, had a black cap with a metal pocket clip with a round ball on the end of it.  Not sure if you remember those, but.....

It is the last piece I need to have almost everything complete for that era on this car.


I actually need the clip, I have a pen I can use that looks similar,  I found a cap in the back seat of the mustang when I was restoring it.

Hoping someone has some in a box or drawer stuffed away somewhere they have forgotten about.  Would like to get or purchase some of the old items like that before they all get thrown away and are gone forever.

Maybe ask around any of retired members that you know please.   I am interested in any of the past forms, pens, items etc we had.

Posted Sept 15

John Shoffners 1992 Restored SSP Mustang

Will be on display at Retirees Day

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