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Message received by your Webmaster

Posted For your Information

CAHP members,

This is an appeal for your help in updating our CAHP Association title. We are proposing deleting the word MEN from Patrolmen  and becoming the California Association of Highway Patrol. No other Law Enforcement Union or Association in California still uses gender specific verbiage in its title or materials. We have asked the CAHP to put the issue to a membership vote and the Association desires feedback from its members before any change can be made.

We ask that you write or email the Association Board and state that you are in favor of this vote. A vote will allow the membership to decide if we are ready to modernize and better reflect the make up of ALL our dues paying members. You can contact the Association board at:

[email protected]  (President) or [email protected] (Vice President) or [email protected] (Sec/Treasurer)

[email protected]  (District I) or [email protected] (District II) or  [email protected]  (District IV)

[email protected]  (District IV) or [email protected] (District V) or [email protected]  (Retired Rep)

Please forward this email to any Association member who you feel might be in agreement. We need to have as many emails as possible sent to the Association to overcome the objection raised by some of "TRADITION." Be reassured that  we are by no means trying to diminish the wonderful careers and past history of the Highway Patrol but want to appear more inclusive to all our members, to the state legislators, and to the public. We also realize that change can sometimes be uncomfortable; but this is the right thing to do, and we as CHP officers have a proud "TRADITION" of doing the right thing!.....

Sincerely, Linda Alley #9343 retired

[email protected]

NEW (4-14-15)


I hear the Association Board meets this week. 17 of my old email contacts have changed their email addresses over the years and many of  those emails I sent yesterday were returned; so I do not have a large group from which to beg from. Please send an email off to the Association  board in support of a member vote to drop the MEN from Patrolmen...(unless you are opposed).

Am counting on you.......

Thanks, Linda Alley #9343 retired

[email protected].

Proposed CAHP Name Change Survey Results

Answered: 100 Skipped: 0


16.00% 16


49.00% 49


1.00% 1

Don't care

8.00% 8


"Man" is a generic term, as in MANkind, or woMAN. Leave it alone, it reflects the entire organization. Further, the California Highway Patrol is a state agency, not an association - Association of Highway Patrol would be improper on its very face.

4/16/2015 4:31 PM Show me a definition that says "patrolman" is male specific.

4/16/2015 4:25 PM Change title to "California Highway Patrol Association."

4/16/2015 4:15 PM A little bored in retirement, are we?

4/16/2015 4:09 PM It's about time!

4/16/2015 4:02 PM Not only NO ...but hell NO

4/16/2015 3:50 PM No, I wouldn't. I just don't get why some folks want to change long established titles. Especially when they don't offend. Just the cost to change all the 'logos' and stationary etc would cost thousands of dollars. For what?? Does it really change anything? No... It's like wanting to take the 'man' out of Human race...we would be the same and then we would call our species the Hu race!!

4/16/2015 3:48 PM A name is important. Most of us are born and given a name which stays with us for a lifetime. That a small percentage of us go through a name change is understood. We are not necessarily defined by our name but rather by our history and lore along with our essence. Fifty more years from today it will be an honor to be a member of what has been the California Association of Highway Patrolmen because of the compassion and leadership of this organization.

4/16/2015 3:45 PM "IF" ... the name would be changed to California Association of California Highway Patrol Officers" - I'm OK with it. Otherwise it sounds grammatically stupid

4/16/2015 3:18 PM Instead of deleting "men" why not add a hyphen and then include other genders. Example: "California Association of Highway Patrolmen-women-other-transgender- etc". How about including this option in this vote?

4/16/2015 2:59 PM No. Don't change the name. Some of the best patrolmen I know are women.

4/16/2015 2:46 PM Long overdue. The CAHP will remain but the last word should be Patrol and very simply drop the 'men' part.

4/16/2015 2:40 PM More Political correctness?

4/16/2015 2:38 PM You're kidding? Of the 20,000 plus, we're going to change the name for less than a 1,000?

4/16/2015 2:37 PM No, I'm not in favor the name change. "Men" appears in "Women". Would they (the women) be in favor of deleting "Men" from that word in order to be politically correct? I think not. The name change is too general and would no longer say what it does now.

4/16/2015 2:33 PM Replace men with officers

4/16/2015 2:26 PM The name as proposed is stupid; it implies an association of highway patrols, not the officers therein. While I think the whole political correctness thing has gone way overboard, people will keep chipping at this until something happens, even if it's wrong. So, if a change must be made because some gal is insecure about belonging to an association of, change it to "California Association of Highway Patrol Officers".

4/16/2015 1:52 PM I think it should be changed to CAHPatrolofficers as suggested by one of the troops.

4/16/2015 1:27 PM I know what I was hired as in 1974 (STO)---I know the position was listed as Highway Patrolman---all of that can never be taken away me---so let them have at it---how many switches did we have back then on the Motorola? Stats show we still kicked Azz On Felony arrests with 3 switches a red a spot and red/Amber in the rear window along with 440 and drum brakes

4/16/2015 1:23 PM It's time!

4/16/2015 1:10 PM I'm so sick and tired of all this "politically correct" B.S......women knew is was Highway Patrolmen when they came on.......I vote NO 6158R

4/16/2015 1:09 PM It's about time...

4/16/2015 1:03 PM Add the word "Officers" after "Patrol"

4/16/2015 1:02 PM Just because everyone else is doing it doesn't make it the thing to do.

4/16/2015 1:02 PM Airmen, Seamen, Riflemen, Patrolmen=,,,,, it's a position, NOT an individual identifier!!

4/16/2015 12:57 PM Come to the 90s.

Comments sent to CHP1010 AFTER the survey was closed

Here are the results of the proposed CAHP name change survey.

Keep in mind we were limited to 100 votes.

However, we don’t think the established trend would have changed appreciably, sample size notwithstanding

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