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Sept 30

Gould and Miller Death Notices Updated–Photo & Obituaries

Sept 15

Son of CHP non-uniformed employees, and relative of uniformed CHP members passed away

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 Marin Squad, 1933, SF Golden Gate Park

Submitted by Rich Simmons

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First batch of photos posted on Entry Page.....More to Come
All Attendance Records Broken at Retirees Day!
Kudos to Commissioner Joe Farrow and everyone who made this year's event a huge success

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Ed’s Corner

Here is a letter I wrote to Commissioner Farrow regarding this year's Retirement Day.

September 29, 2014

Commissioner Joseph Farrow
California Highway Patrol
P.O. Box 942898
Sacramento, CA 94298-0001

Dear Commissioner Farrow:

I wish to take a moment and express my thoughts and appreciation to you and our Highway Patrol staff, both uniform and civilian, along with the members that make up the California Association of Highway Patrolmen for another successful 2014 Retiree’s Day event.

I have attended each one and they seem to always get bigger and better. I pray it will become a permanent part of the Department’s legacy so posterity will know that when it is over, it isn’t really over.

During my long drive home, I tried to think of the reason this homecoming experience has become so successful and why it draws more attendees each time.

Certainly the display of new and innovative equipment is something in which every large professional agency can proudly exhibit. Also, most every agency employs personnel that can demonstrate firearm proficiency, animal and equestrian handling and automotive driving skills that can mesmerize those who watch with fond remembrance and anticipated excitement.

Likewise, the larger agencies can provide a hardy, nutritious meal set in a clean, well maintained, true cafeteria environment and served by professionals that take pride in their coordinated effort.

And most agencies can provide a venue where a large group of past and present employees can congregate. However, the question of why it is so well-regarded still begs an answer.

Notwithstanding the above, I believe there is one simple, yet major underlying explanation. One felt by all that have served, those still serving and those who have given all to this outstanding organization.

It is nothing that one can physically produce; nor is it something that can be seen, or is obviously distinguishable. It is not a artifact, or something that one can physically touch and bring home, feel or photograph, however, it is present in every facet of the Retiree’s Day event.

The adhesion that holds not only the anticipation of those attending and bonds brothers and sisters who served our world renowned Department is proudly contained in one word; and the only word that can concisely and succinctly describe it is CARE. It is care that is fostered from the Department’s top administrators to the devoted personnel that actually perform the physical work, including every one in-between. Care is what makes Retiree’s Day and the Department the success it is.

On behalf of our retired members and employees, and those of us belonging to our California Association of Highway Patrolmen, I believe I can speak for many who have given all, who have passed on and those of us who are still around to appreciate all that this Department has done, Thank You for making it possible.

I was proud the day I entered the academy and after retirement, equally proud to have contributed to the Department’s success.

Very truly yours,

Edward G. Stamelos
Sergeant Retired, 4911

CTC II-63 Photos submitted by Grove HILL

Fresno Area CHP

Annual Open House

Saturday, October 11, 2014

1100 to 1400 hours

BBQ Lunch Available:  $5.00

Questions:  Call Axel or Julie


Central Valley CHP Retirees Luncheon

Tuesday October 7, 2014, 1115 hours

Yosemite Falls Cafe,

Shaw & Blackstone, Fresno

You MUST RSVP by Friday

Arnold:  559-875-4307

Elaine Wallace:  Oct 7

Ted Morris:  Oct 16

Dusty Morrison:  Oct 17

Debby Grady:  Oct 18

Mike Poore: Nov 1

Ed Zubyk:  Nov 8

Jerry Sawasaki:  Nov 15

Jimmy Jimenez &

Eugene Espinola:  Nov 22

Retirement Flyers