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Oct 17

Photo and Obituary added to Roger Long Death Notice

Oct 2

Donna Morgan Robinson Celebration of Life Scheduled

Oct 9

Obituary and photo added to Ted Waters’ Death Notice

Oct 13

Celebration of Life Scheduled for Ward Sterling

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 Marin Squad, 1933, SF Golden Gate Park

Submitted by Rich Simmons

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Dusty Morrison:  Oct 17

Debby Grady:  Oct 18

Mike Poore: Nov 1

Ed Zubyk:  Nov 8

Cynthia Gonzalez:  Nov 14

Michael Krahn

Jerry Sawasaki:  Nov 15

Jimmy Jimenez &

Eugene Espinola:  Nov 22

John Russell: Nov 26

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Harold Sullivan, previously a member of the LAPD before being appointed CHP Commissioner, is not listed–didn’t retire from the CHP.

He will turn 102 in late October and was in attendance at the Southern Division Retiree's Day at the West Valley CHP Office on Oct.1, 2014.

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HR218 Information

Submitted by CHP Retiree, Kirk Johnson

There was a conversation regarding HR 218, carrying a concealed weapon, in other than California.

The law (click here to view) is specific that we are allowed to do so if we possess the HR 218 certificate.  However, there are also reported instances where some entities do not honor these certificates. 

There are also areas and conditions where HR 218 does not allow you to carry a concealed weapon. 

A few of us have heard of states that do not honor the certificates but I have been unable to confirm this.   I have received emails from other parts of the country where you will be hassled for possessing a concealed weapon regardless of whether your are carrying legally or not.   

Best advice is to know when to carry and when to leave your weapon at home.  Check with the jurisdiction where you are going.     

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