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New Book by Retired CHP Author Posted--Cadet Blues


Several CHP Family Members Passed Away

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 Marin Squad, 1933, SF Golden Gate Park

Submitted by Rich Simmons

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Kern County CHP Retirees Briefing

January 14th 2015

0830 hours

Hodel’s Restaurant

5917 Knudsen drive

Bakersfield, CA

Just off Olive Drive and SR 99

See you there!!!


New Office

The new office is under construction and is scheduled to be completed about June 30, 2015.

As it stands right now the three memorials for fallen CHP will be moved to the new office.

The communications tower is visible from the roadway and is HUGE!  

Golf Gathering

We are planning a CHP golf gathering for spring.  All past and present employees will be invited. 

It will be a fun day, no prizes, no guests, no outsiders. Just fun golf.  Start getting your group together. 

There will be a Jack Garren BBQ, no we will not be roasting Jack, after the game.

Tentatively this has been scheduled for March or April.  More details later.

Any questions [email protected]