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Jan 28

Bo Couts death notice updated

Feb 4

Another CHP Family member passed away

Feb. 5

Memorial Services Schedule added to Mrs. Callahan's death notice

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 Marin Squad, 1933, SF Golden Gate Park

Submitted by Rich Simmons

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William Cochran-New

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John Duggan

Darrell Hopkins

Robert Patrick

Waymon Davis

Jim Jackson

Gene Carrell

Clarence “Bo” Couts

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John Antillon ID 9638

Feb 8

Ruben Leal ID 11329

Feb 18

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Retirees Day at the Academy 2016 Slated

It’s now official!

CHP HQ has confirmed that Retirees’ Day is scheduled for September 16, 2016.

Go ahead and start making your travel arrangements.

The CAHP BBQ will be held on Sept. 15, at 5 PM.

More details will be posted when received, so keep checking back for updates