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It's my understanding that, if I move out of state when I retire, I'll only be able to chose from a 10% or 20% plan, meaning I'm on the hook for 10-20% of the cost of what I'm having done. Hopefully I have that right. 

While routine stuff wouldn't be a problem, big stuff obviously would. 

Then it would change at age 65, when I'm forced onto Medicare. And at that point, it might be feasible to move out of state.

The 10-20% cost for procedures has me wondering if it's worth doing though. 

So I was trying to get feedback from those not yet 65 years old living out of state to see if it's worth doing.

Questions: Do they stay retired?  Do they get other jobs that provide health insurance?  Do they get a supplemental plan to cover the 10-20% gap? 

Anyway, I want to move to another state. Just trying to see what's what.

Kern County CHP Retirees

Retirees Briefing

February 10, 2016

0830 hours

Hodel’s Restaurant

5917 Knudsen drive

Bakersfield, CA

Pictures of our first Briefing will be on display!!

Bakersfield Area has a new Commander, Captain Ron Seldon

He has been invited to our Briefings and has indicated he will attend when his schedule allows.

See you there!!!