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Comm. Farrow has requested that a museum display be created to honor and recognize CHP shooting excellence in competition over the years. I am working with retired Comm. Spike Helmick who has been very instrumental in upgrading our museum in an effort to respond to this request.


I am seeking information about documents, artifacts, photographs, awards etc. that will be appropriate for a museum display. Items such as photographs of presentations, competition guns and related equipment, high level awards and even record setting old targets are but a few examples of what we are seeking.  At this time, I’m just trying to determine what’s available from our members and retired members so decisions can be made to collect and display the most interesting and informative items. Items put forth can either be donated or loaned.


Anyone with items that might meet these descriptions are asked to respond via e-mail with a complete description of the items including size and of course complete contact information by May 1. Please forward this request to any officer or retiree who may not see this request. Your assistance will help to make this effort a reality.


Dale Waaler

#4476 (ret.)

CHP Blue Team 1972 thru 1975

Auburn, Calif.

[email protected]

Cell 530-320-1016


Annual HR218 Shoot Scheduled

The South Placer retirees Group annual 218 shoot date has been moved ahead from May 11th to Thursday May 19th. The location is the academy indoor range from 0900 to 1130 hrs.

Be sure to bring the weapon you wish to qualify with (both revolver and semi auto are OK), 18 rds. of ammunition for each course you intend to shoot and ear and eye protection.

Photos for  are good for five years. If this is your first application or your file photo is over five years old, bring a new passport type photo. Some of our members current 218 cards expire in August which is outside the 60 day expiration window but we’ll attempt to push the renewal thru anyway so come and shoot.

Application forms will be available at the next monthly breakfast on May 18th, or at the shoot. North Sacto. area training officers are once again hosting this shoot coordinated by the South Placer Retirees Group.’


Direct questions to Dale Waaler at [email protected].


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