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218 Shoot at CHP Academy Scheduled



The final plans for the 2015 218 shoot hosted by the South Placer Retirees Group have been made. Any retired CHP officer with CCW authority is invited to attend. However, if your current 218 card is still valid for more then 60 days on April 22nd, Human Resources Section will not process your request. In that case, wait until your within the 60 day window of expiration and then contact your local area office for qualification.


The date is April 22nd and the time is 1300 hrs. It was previously posted as 1000 hrs., but the academy schedule required a change. The qualification shoot relays will continue until all shooters are qualified, the training officers are exhausted or we reach 1700 hrs. No pre notification is necessary. The required forms in stapled packets will be available at the next South Placer Breakfast on April 15th. They can be taken home and filled out at your leisure and then brought to the shoot. They will also be available on the day of the shoot so obtaining these forms at the 15th breakfast is optional. 


The required forms  must be completed prior to qualifying. Verification of each retirees CCW authority is required, so BRING YOUR RETIRED CHP ID CARD! If you have an ID photo on file from a previous 218 qualification and it’s less then five (5) years old, a new ID photo IS NOT REQUIRED. If this is your first application for a 218 card, you MUST BRING an ID photo similar to a passport photo. This can be obtained at any location that takes passport photos. No photos will be taken at the shoot.


Training officers from the North Sacramento area will be in charge of the qualification. Officer Steve Rice will be OIC. Our retiree coordinators will be Dale Waaler and Brent Bombola. Retiree officers assisting will be Arnie Schwartz and Bill Carbaugh.


Shooters will be required to provide ear and eye protection as well as 18 rounds for each qualification course. After successful qualification, the CHP 218 card will be issued in about 30 days. It will identify what type weapon your authorized to carry i.e.. semi-auto or revolver. If you wish to be authorized for both, you’ll be allowed to qualify twice. Be sure to bring 18 rds. for each type weapon. Extra ammunition is always advisable. A off duty carry holster is optional.


The course of fire is 18 rds. from five positions, all standing. Distance to target is 2 yds. working back to 10 yds. To start at the 2 yd. line,  the weapon will be held pointing out and down in front of the shooter. At this position, the shooter will be required to fire 3 rds. strong hand in 3 seconds. A ‘hit’ is anywhere on the target. The second stage is at the 4 yd. line. The shooter will be required to fire three rds. supported, reload with 3 rds. and fire those 3 rds. in 30 seconds. The third stage is from the 5 yd. line. The shooter will be required to fire 3 rds. strong hand supported in 5 seconds. The fourth position is from the 7 yd. line where the shooter will be required to fire 3 rds. strong hand supported in 7 seconds. The fifth and final stage is from the 10 yd. line where the shooter will be required to fire 3 rds. strong hand supported in 10 seconds.


In addition to shooting ability, training officers will be attentive to acceptable demonstration of safe weapon handling skills.


We look forward to seeing you. Our sincerest appreciation is extended to Capt. Cardoza, Commander North Sacto. Area and to Capt. King, Academy Commander for their support and assistance. 


Dale Waaler

Special Events Team Leader

South Placer Retirees Group


Contact at [email protected]

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